Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Paula Zahn shows that celebrities are not Immune to a Sexless Marriage

With the media frenzy picking up, it's hard to avoid word of former news anchor Paula Zahn's affair with Paul Fribourg. Word has now come out that Paula blames this very public ordeal because her marriage with husband Richard Cohen was of the sexless variety.

Whether or not these tawdry tales are true, sexless marriage is a serious and pressing issue. One of the most powerful experience groups at Experience Project is "I live in a sexless marriage"-- and provides an exploration from both gender's perspectives of what such an arrangement is not only like, but how it might be improved. Experience Project's culture is about positive growth and improvement of wellness- and that often starts by realizing you are not alone.

Through our encouragement of anonymity, our members can explore whatever it is that is on their minds-- be it a sexless marriage or remembering your first kiss, in a comfortable, safe environment and meet people who truly understand them.