Tuesday, August 07, 2007

BlogHer (dawn's take)

Wow, Julio covered a lot of bases with his summary of BlogHer. He did forget an couple of key details, however. One was the amazing dance party that Jessica and I had along with many other women at the final cocktail party in the Children's Museum at the Navy Pier in Chicago. We busted some moves to a mix of top 40's. Gwen (www.gwenbell.com) and Tara (iquitforlijit.typepad.com) were key dance floor buddies, and many other women joined our hip-swiveling affair until we had a full on funk fest (ok this is getting a bit cheesy...) We're still anxiously awaiting some of the many pics that were taken to appear in the blogosphere.
Speaking of pictures, another one of our fave features of this particular party was the old-fashioned photo booth that Jessica and I (ok, especially Jess;) took full advantage of. We have several sets of pics of the EP team making all sorts of ridiculous faces in black and white awesomeness.

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tarable said...

Dawn, thanks for the shout-out. It was a pleasure meeting you and your EP cohorts. I had a great time sharing the dance floor with y'all. Keep up the great work!