Tuesday, August 21, 2007

For the beholder


No, not bored. But a bit underslept!

I can't explain just how productive the Experience Project Team is. In the past week, we've added:

-Powerful new threaded mailbox (think Gmail)
-A promotional badge and logo page (share EP on your website or blog)
-Address book import (pass on EP to your address book without sharing your username)
-Random story and group links (stumble through Experience Project!)
-Sorting your stories by unread comments (we heard you!)
-Subscribe to stories (get notified by email when someone else posts a comment)
-Tons of tweaks and bug fixes to make the site more usable for you

Yes, all in 7 days. Weekends count at EP.

Why? Because we love our users and know how important the site is to them, and so going the extra mile could very well make their lives just a tad bit better.

Keep the suggestions coming. We're listening. And just you wait until the features coming out NEXT week. We're going to knock your socks off. Maybe your shirt too. Scandalous!

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