Monday, July 02, 2007

More Facebook Applications: Diversity, Goals, Dreams, Stories, and Moods

Bringing the power of Experience Project to new audiences is incredibly exciting for us. Which is why we've spent some time pulling together an impressive armada of useful, interesting applications for the Facebook platform. Try some out today!

Facebook Moods- Share your moods with tons of choices and smileys. Call out friends who made you feel the way you do. And we'll put a music player on your profile that automatically matches your mood. Get the Facebook Moods & Music Application Now

Diversity and Ethnic Pride
Show your ethnic heritage on your profile, meet people like you, and find out what your friends are made of! We'll even show you a breakdown of your friends' ethnicities-- how diverse are you? Get the Facebook Ethnicity Application Now

My Dreams Keep a dream and nightmare log. Share with friends-- and let them know when they pop up in your dreams!
Get Facebook Dreams and Nightmares Application Now!

My Goals Facebook Goal Tracker lets you set your top personal goals, track them, share them with your friends, and see how many share your goals. Discover who else has the same aspirations and talk to people who have been there are glad to help. And it's absolutely free. Get Facebook My Goals Application Now

Facebook "Random Story" Profile Content Generator Random Story puts a new story from Experience Project on your page multiple times per day. It's interesting, fun, compelling content--
and it will keep people coming back to your profile constantly for more.
Get Facebook Random Story Application Now

For a list of all of our applications, with screen shots and longer descriptions, please click here:
Facebook Moods, Diversity, Surveys, Goals, Dreams, Nightmares, and more

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