Thursday, February 01, 2007

Confessions of a Mayor-- and You

Experience Project is based out of the great, and practically always controversial city of San Francisco. Hearing the 'breaking news' that our Mayor Gavin Newsom had an affair with Ruby Rippey-Tourk (pictured here). Ruby Tourk was not only one of his aides at the time, but also the wife of another one of his campaign staff, Alex Tourk. Let's not get crazy with speculation, but she WAS pregnant just around then too. We're sure the timelines don't add up to mean anything, but that's just too weird, no matter what. Now enough tabloiding-- what can one say but 'ouch and wow.' (Update: We know you want to know about this: The "I Hate Cheaters" group has a forum post with lots of pictures and video of Ruby Rippey-Tourk)

The point is that politicians are unfortunately no different than the (weak) everyman. This is a pretty common occurrence, sadly. And seeing this kind of confession makes us want to remind you of one of the most compelling, but understated features at Experience Project-- confessions.

The feature provides an anonymous platform for people to get things off their chest, and realize that maybe, just maybe they're not exactly alone (they almost never are, for better or for worse). And thousands of people have done just that. So next time you do something you're not proud of, why not join the masses and let the world know about it by confessing it in our confessional. It won't remove your guilt, but you'll probably feel a whole lot better.

Bad Mayor! Bad Wife! Good that they confessed though...right?

And for those that are sinless, oh indulge yourself and see what shenanigans the rest of the world is up to.

We're about connecting people with common experiences, good and bad, for support from people who really understand you and won't judge you. So here are some other stories you might be interested in if Gav's actions caught your attention:

Sources courtesy of CBS 5