Wednesday, September 13, 2006

We have big Ears

Don't make fun of us, our ears just happen to be larger than most. I mean, when you talk, we listen. And we don't just listen, we LISTEN listen. We don't just hear you, WE HEAR YOU. (lol thanks Dane).

So it's with great pleasure that I announce two new features (no, we don't stop) today. First, we've introduced a site tutorial link on the profile page that walks you through what you can do once you sign in. The Experience Project is a large resource, and we don't want you to miss out on something really interesting because you didn't know it existed or how to get there.

And the second feature is simply such a huge improvement, it practically makes me emotional. It's a 'What's New' box on your profile page when you sign in. It shows you exactly all the new parts of life that people have shared, be it dreams, confessions, surveys, stories or experiences, since the last time you logged in.

These two features make the site easier to use and significantly more functional.

And listen, please stop sending us roses. We love you too, but there's simply no more room here. Donate to child hunger programs instead.

With these behind us (along with Face Scrub- it's been a busy week!), the feature we're working on now will blow the doors off. Stay tuned.

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