Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Heather Mills Talks of Suicide

Heather Mills, ex-wife of Paul McCartney, was on TV this morning talking about how hard her life has been since the news of the split broke, even going so far as contemplating taking her own life so her daughter could then, in her mind, be safe with her father.

Celebrities are real people, and their needs are like ours. Under a microscope, we see their flaws and successes, but we are always keen to point out that underneath it all, we can relate.

Check out the rather shocking Heather Mills crying and suicidal thoughts videos.

Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas and Contest

Boo! It's Halloween and we should point out that we've got over 100 great Halloween costume ideas, with stories on how to make them and what reaction they get, posted in our "I remember my favorite Halloween Costume" group.

Likewise, today is the last day to enter the Halloween contest where if you submit a story about YOUR favorite Halloween costume, you're automatically entered to win a $25 iTunes gift certificate!

Trick or Treat? Treat!

Friday, October 05, 2007

Carving Pumpkins

Halloween is coming up... and thoughts turn to pumpkins. Want to figure out how to carve them? Don't feel like the messy task of carving pumpkins is for you? In our own search, we found some neat flash pumpkin carving applications... you get a virtual pumpkin, a virtual knife, and then you have at it. We thought it was neat enough to share. Get in the Halloween spirit ;)

Here are some links for you to try carving your own pumpkin, without seeds or a pattern!

Virtual Pumpkin

Another Pumpkin Carving Game

One more Pumpkin Carver for good measure!

And be sure to take our Halloween Survey

Enjoy your virtual pumpkin simulators!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Another Universe (Youniverse)

So interesting to see Law and Order have an episode on Virtual Worlds, which they called Another Youniverse (which everyone will misspell as Another Universe when searching for it). This was about, the, well nefarious side of things involving such savory topics as sexsomnia.

Which made us check out if there were any Law and Order groups on Experience Project-- and indeed there were, with "I love Law and Order" leading the pack in activity...